Organic Coconut Oil That Are Sustainable And Fair Trade

Before you shop for a coconut oil, make sure it is organic, Fair Trade, non-GMO, etc. A lot of companies are marketing their product as only oil or a liquid, but don’t be fooled. Many brands use similar processing methods as their solvent extraction methods: They will evaporate the coconut oil out of the copra, but they may use a solvent to do it. Which brings us to our next point: If the oil is solvent extracted, what is solvent extraction? Here’s the thing: Liquid is not oil! That’s because solvent extraction literally uses heat to extract the oil from the copra. This process not only produces less oil, but it results in trans-fats. Generally, organic and Fair Trade sources will label their coconut oil as being free from additives, which are a lot like phthalates. Phthalates, or often monosodium phos-phates, are commonly used to make plastics soft. Studies have shown they are potentially toxic to the reproductive systems of the baby during the time the mother’s body produces amniotic fluid.

Nowadays, coconut oil is extracted from the fruits of the Coconut palm tree, which are high in healthy fatty acids with less than one percent of saturated fat. The amount of harmful trans-fats in coconut oil has been reduced drastically due to various Fair Trade and Organic certified processes to ensure purity and safety. Every batch of coconut oil is individually tested for fatty acids. When the fats are collected in the lab, the percentage of those that are longer-chain monounsaturated fatty acids can be used to measure the percentage of coconut oil.

This is another reason to choose coconut oil; these particular fatty acids are absorbed into your bloodstream to stay with you longer so you can feel better without worrying about fats, cholesterol, or other bad stuff getting in your system. Serves your body well. A solid oil provides the body with a healthy balance of medium-chain and long-chain fatty acids, which are essential to supplying essential nutrients.

Great for stress relief. A good quality solid coconut oil can be used for many natural stress relieving and digestive benefits. Try it in this 100% pure All Natural Stress Reliever or this 100% Natural Digestive Relief. Many diet and stress relief products claim to help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. This claim is false. Unless coconut oil is extracted from coconuts, there are no studies to prove whether it can relieve stress, anxiety, or depression, even for a few days. It has not been tested as a daily stress reliever because that would be impossible. Does not raise cholesterol. For that matter, many sources have stated that coconut oil does not raise cholesterol, and this is certainly true. 

Since coconut oil is already formulated to a good solvent extraction ratio, we highly recommend purchasing organic and Fair Trade coconut oil like Ceylon Exports & Trading, they are a coconut oil supplier in Sri Lanka, is the first, “tree-to-table” Sri Lankan global coconut brand. That way you are supporting the fair wages of the workers in the coconut oil industry as well as the environment. The processing and processing methods used can vary, but there is one common thread in all coconut oil products: They are cold-pressed. Now, on to the brand!