May 23, 2020 Market Newsletter

Vol. 6 Issue 4

Just remember that many of our vendors are closing their orders this Wednesday at 10pm.  Make sure you place your orders before then.Also, we are welcoming a new vendor- Weeping Willow Bakery.  Friendly Baker, Renee Atayde, is excited to bring her delicious baked goods to the market.  Check out her website to place your order.

We are still in need of volunteers (18 and older) to help direct traffic and to check customers in for the market each weekend. The shifts would be on Saturday from 8:45am to 12:15pm.  Please click HERE to sign up for a shift. If you have any questions please let Scarlet know.

Please read all the way through the newsletter in case you are new to our system.

Calvert Farm will have a lot of fruit and veggies for sale this week.  Make sure you email Pam at for the latest list.  Some new items are: Fresh Carrots W/Tops, Beets W/Tops, Lettuce and Spinach.

Waltz Family Farm has some new Beef and Pork.  This is a good week to order as the supply will be limited shortly, but we have more on the way.  We recently picked up Smoked Pork Chops,  Bacon and Smoked Pork Jowls- that are amazing ! If anyone is interested we have a whole ham 17-18lbs  and a large half Ham 12 lbs for $5.50 lb,  a large pork Butt-Shoulder that’s 10-11 lb for $6.00 lb and a 4 bone Prime Rib Roast, about 6 lbs for $18.50 lb.   Email Laurie if you’d like to reserve one for this Saturday.

Here are our vendors:

Alcoba Coffee

Jose Castillo
1 lb. bags of Guatemalan Coffee in Light, Medium or Dark Roast both ground and whole bean ($10.00 per bag)
You can purchase by emailing Jose at:

Calvert Farm
Pam Stegall

Calvert Farm is a small family farm that uses Eco-sustainable practices.
Email Pam at for a full list of produce

Sharrah Orchard
Nate Sharrah

Family owned Sharrah Orchard is located in Orrtanna, Pennsylvania near Gettysburg.
Order HERE

Victory Chapel Family Farm
Lorne Williams

At Victory Chapel Family Farms our honey is produced sustainably and locally in the Washington Metro area. The bees forage local multi- floral nectar sources. Raw honey is extracted from the honeycomb without heat or filtration, and packaged immediately, thus capturing all the flavor and aroma of honey. Currently we only have 1 pound containers of honey priced at $10.00 per pound.  Order at Local Honey

Waltz Family Farm
Jay and Laurie Waltz

Waltz Family Farm, selling our meats at farm markets and the Valley Co-op of Hagerstown.
Please make sure you order by Wednesday at 10pm.  Order HERE

Weeping Willow Bake Shop
Renee Atayde

Weeping Willow offers delicious baked goods
Order on her website at

So, we have a few requests: 
1. That you, our customers, are patient and caring.  This is all new to us and our vendors.
2.  That you pre-order all of your products from the individual vendors.  Many of our vendors will close their preorders by 10pm on Wednesday.
4.   We’ll have volunteers directing traffic. Cars will follow a single file line, starting with the Market Table to get any information.  Customers will stay in their cars, keeping 6′ distance as much as possible.
5.  Open your trunk or back doors so vendors can place items directly inside.
6.  Exit by the charging station and enjoy the rest of your day.  🙂

Just some thoughts:
-Have your name (that you put on the Sign-Up) on a piece of paper and on the dashboard.  That way the vendors can see the names.
-Please prepay as much as possible to save time.
– Please keep interactions brief in order to keep the line moving.
-Vendors can not use your reusable bags and our farmers can not use your collection of egg cartons at this time.
-Please leave your pets at home.  We miss them but hope to see them soon too!
– Email if you have any questions.  Thank you again for your patience!  🙂