Market Newsletter: November 7, 2020

Vol. 6 Issue 28

Hello November!  It’s hard to believe that we only have 3 more weekends.

From Farmer Pam:
Hi gang – a beautiful clear & cool day
The weather has been perfect for fall produce
We will take – pre orders – for Saturday up until Friday at 11 am
We will also have lots of nice apples including Rome, Stamen, Gala, Fuji, Sweet Zoe and Jonathan.
If you would like some – number 2/seconds/pick out – apples for sauce making -they are available in tomato box size -approx. 24-25 pounds – $18.00.
The   ‘seconds’ apples -must – be ordered  in advance.
Regular apples will be offered in abundance at the table
The produce list is below:

Apples  Gala
Apples Fuji
Apples Ginger Gold
Apples Jonathan
Apples Rome
Apples Stamen
Beans green
Beans purple
Beans Roma green
Beans yellow
Beets bulk
Beets w/ tops gold
Beets w/ tops red
Bok Choi
Broccoli crowns
Broccoli green
Cabbage Chinese
Cabbage green
Cabbage red
Carrots w/ tops
Eggplant black
Eggplant white
Herb Chive
Herb Oregano
Kale green curley
Kale red Russian
Lettuce green
Lettuce mix
Lettuce red
Mushroom Crimini
Mushroom Shiitake
Mushroom White
Onions large
Onions medium
Peppers Green Bell
Plant Oregano
Plant ornamental  pepper
Plant Rosemary
Plant veggies
Potato blue- special
Potato red
Potato sweet
Potato yellow
Radish bunched red w or w/o top
Radish purple no top
Salad mix
Squash Acorn
Squash Buttercup
Squash Butternut
Squash Delicata
Squash green
Squash neck pumpkin
Squash New England Hubbard
Squash pumpkin ‘field trip’
Squash pumpkin ‘jack b little’
Squash red kuri
Squash yellow
Tomato green
Turnip bulk
Turnip white w/ top
Variety bag

Other stuff to – as we pick

Backyard Boogie is back this week!  So happy for their return!  Waltz Family Farm is taking a week off but will be back Nov. 14th.

As the market continues we would like to remind our customers that they must wear a mask the entire time they are at the market.  We also need to ask that you tell the vendors what your order will be and they will pick it out for you.  It’s for everyone’s health and safety.

Volunteers Needed
We are in need of volunteers to help guide our customers through the market between 8:45am to 1:00pm!  If you or anyone you know would be willing to help for a few hours, email Scarlet at  All volunteers must be 18 years or older.

The Market’s Covid-19 guidelines
We are following the guidelines set up by the City of College Park.  They can be found here:

  • Please enter the market by the charging station and exit by the back corner of MOM’s.  If you want to reenter the market, please go back to the entrance.  This will help us keep customers socially distanced and our market safely organized.
  • If you are coming to the market for just one vendor, please enter the market by the charging station and follow the guidance of our volunteers.
  • Please tell the vendors what you would like to order and they will pick the products for you. Please do not touch the produce.  
  • Keep a distance of 6ft between you and the vendor and the next customer. 
  • Thank you for your patience and following our guidelines.
  • Lastly, please continue to wear your masks.  🙂
Our Vendors:

Alcoba Coffee
Jose Castillo
13oz. bags of Guatemalan Coffee in Light, Medium or Dark Roast both ground and whole bean ($10.00 per bag)
You can purchase at the market or by emailing Jose at:

Backyard Boogie Gardens and Baking

Dylan Banker
Backyard farmers with fresh seasonal produce, micro-greens, herbs, & freshly baked goods
Click HERE to see a list of their products.  Or check them out on Facebook @backyardboogiegardens

Calvert Farm
Pam Stegall

Calvert Farm is a small family farm that uses Eco-sustainable practices.
Farmer Pam would be happy to serve you at the market. Calvert Farm takes FMNP coupons.
Calvert’s website is: and you can always reach Farmer Pam at: or Facebook @CalvertFarm

Janelle Aguilera-Daley
Janelle’s Crumb Shoppe Bakery

From Pineapple Upside-down Cake to cupcakes- Janelle makes it all.
Find Janelle on Facebook @janellescrumbshoppebakery or email

Profish LTD.
Tim Lydon

Finest fresh sustainably harvested seafood.  Check out their website HERE

Thai Amity Kitchen
Balloon and Peter

Delicious, freshly made Thai food and drinks.
Check out their Facebook page @thaiamitykitchen

Twin Valley Distillers
Edgardo Zuñiga 
They use locally sourced grain to produce the highest quality whiskies, and pride themselves on sustaining the local ecosystem with their farm partners.
Twin Valley Distillers will be at the market on the second and fourth Saturday of each month.
Visit their website HERE

Victory Chapel Family Farm
Lorne Williams

At Victory Chapel Family Farms our honey is produced sustainably and locally in the Washington Metro area. The bees forage local multi- floral nectar sources. Raw honey is extracted from the honeycomb without heat or filtration, and packaged immediately, thus capturing all the flavor and aroma of honey. Currently we only have 1 pound containers of honey priced at $10.00 per pound.  You can purchase at the market or order online at Local Honey

Craft Vendors
For the safety of our vendors, our craft vendors will not be at the market this year.  Below is the list of vendors who have a website you can purchase items from in case you are saw something last year.
Designed Naturally:
Phoeboo Designs:
Dearheart Woodwork on Instagram @Dearheartwood

Also, if you are an Instagram user please follow us at hollywood_farmers_market_md or on
Facebook @hollywoodmarket