Pre-Orders for this Weekend’s Winter Market

Great news! The Hollywood Farmers Market has started a winter market at the Duvall Field parking lot (9200 Rhode Island Ave. College Park.).

Vendors will be taking pre-orders for this Saturday, Jan 30th delivery from 12-1 pm. Waltz Farm and Calvert Farm will be back again on Feb 6th.

You’ll find Pro Fish and can order from their store at

Also, Janelle’s Crumb Shoppe and Bakery will be there. Please order by 6 pm on Wednesday. You can view many of her baked goods on their FaceBook page.

Thai Amity will also be there and taking orders till 4 pm on Wednesday. Please see their menu below (and in the picture)
1. Khao new mu ping(Grilled pork with sticky rice) 1 order #10
2.Sai Aua.(Thai northern sausage with herb) 1 order$10
3.Tum Ma Muang (Green mango Thai salad with skin pork).1 order$8
4.Kluay Teaw Tom Yum noodle.(mixed pork shrimp and fish tofu.)1 order $13
5.Kang massaman kai. (chicken curry with veggie)with rice 1 order #10
6.Khao sai Naue(Beef curry noodle soup
)1 order $12
7.Bha Mee Mudang(Egg noodle with BBQ pork)1 order$10
And Thai dessert
8.Ka nom Ta ko(Thai pandan pudding )1 order$7
9.Klauy Ping(Grilled Thai banana with Sweet coconut milk+young coconut)1order $7


AND, here’s Thai Amity’s regular menu……. Regular menu

1.Chicken Pad Thai, Veggie Pad Thai
2.Chicken Fried Rice=$8, Veggie fried rice=$7,
3.Thai basil fried rice chicken =$8 Shrimp=$9
4.Drunken noodle( chicken=$9, shrimp=$10,)Veggie Drunken noodle=$8
4.Veggie Spring rolls=1order$5,Pork spring rolls=1order$6,Chicken Spring rolls=1 order $6.
5.Panang chicken&Veggie with Rice=$10,Panang Veggie with Rice=$9.
6.ChickenCoconut Soup$8 ,Shrimp=$9,Veggie coconut soup=$7
7.Papaya Thai Salad=$6
8.Mango with Sticky Rice.=$7
9. Sticky rice with egg custard=$7
10. Green curry(Chicken=$8 =$9Shrimp),Veggie green curry=$7
11. Thai garden Rolls Chicken or pork or tofu=$7
12.Thai Tea=$4
Thai Tea with Bubble Tea=$5

You can place an order inbox here or text to 301- 5753407

Hope this reads well. Take care and enjoy the snow if you get any.