Pre-order for Feb 6 Winter Market

This coming Saturday, Feb 6th from 12-1pm you will find 6 Vendors from Hollywood Farmers Market.  This is a Pre-Order delivery and pick up is at Duvall Feild located at 9200 Rhode Island Ave. College Park MD.
Please see below each farm/ vendor online store or list.  Many vendors need your orders by Wednesday to give time to bake and or pull orders.
Please share and let folks know.   A few vendors come weekly so keep in touch with them.
We will post info on the Hollywood Farmers Market FaceBook page.
Waltz Family Farm and Calvert plan to come again March 6th and April 3rd.
We recommend saving these links and menus for the future.  I’ll email again for the March 6th delivery.
    1.  Janelle’s Crumb Shoppe & Bakery – Cupcakes, scones, sweet breads, some vegan & gluten free options, order by noon on Wednesday.  List of products attached.
    2.  Calvert Farm – Produce, Eggs, Fruits ect.  order by noon on Wednesday.  List of products attached
    3. Back Yard Boogie Bakery & Gardens –  Breads, scones, bagels, english muffins… not sure about produce, waiting on sunlight and growth.  Order by noon Wednesday through their online store
    4. Pro Fish – Fresh Seafood & they deliver weekly !  Here’s their online store link
    5. Waltz Family Farm – Beef Pork Lamb Mutton Cheeses Eggs Chicken.  Lots to choose from.  Stock up, we need freezer space for more  🙂  Limited Eggs, but the girls are starting to lay more.  Online store, order by 11:59pm Wednesday eve.  link
    6. Thai  Amity –  Delicious Thai meals  , please order by 4pm on Wednesday & they deliver weekly !
      SPECIAL  MENU – photos in attachment above and here’s the names for special menu

      1. Sai Aua$10
      2. Tom yum hot pot$15
      3. Mu Ded Deaw±sticky rice$10
      4.Kang Som Veggie with eggor with shrimp+rice$10
      5. Tum ma muang+Skin pork $8
      6.Khao klook gha phi$10
      7.Stri fried eggplant with pork+rice $10
      8.Ka nomTuay.$7

      9.Ka nom Taua Pep sai gung$7
      REGULAR  MENU is

    7. 1.Chicken Pad Thai,Veggie Pad Thai
      2.Chicken Fried Rice=$8,Veggie fried rice=$7,
      3.Thai basil fried rice chicken =$8 Shrimp=$9
      4.Drunken noodle( chicken=$9, shrimp=$10,)Veggie Drunken noodle=$8
      4.Veggie Spring rolls=1order$5,Pork spring rolls=1order$6,Chicken Spring rolls=1 order $6.
      5.Panang chicken&Veggie with Rice=$10,Panang Veggie with Rice=$9.
      6.ChickenCoconut Soup$8 ,Shrimp=$9,Veggie coconut soup=$7
      7.Papaya Thai Salad=$6
      8.Mango with Sticky Rice.=$7
      9. Sticky rice with egg custard=$7
      10. Green curry(Chicken=$8 =$9Shrimp),Veggie green curry=$7
      11. Thai garden Rolls Chicken or pork or tofu=$7
      12.Thai Tea=$4
      Thai Tea with Bubble Tea=$5
      You guys can place order
      or text to 301- 575-4307
    8. FarmMatch connects consumers worldwide with local farmers, buying clubs, farmers markets, and restaurants that offer fresh, sustainable, organic foods.
      New Wednesday pick-up location – Concord St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church, 5910 Goldsboro Road Bethesda, MD 20817 – 10:00 am until 1:00 pm

Thanks so much for your support!!!