Market Newsletter: July 17, 2021

Vol. 7 Issue 9

We have some exciting news!  Backyard Boogie Gardens and Baking will begin offering prepared foods.  They will be making a couple of breakfast items, a few different types of burgers, and will have 3 sides.  They will have vegetarian options and will also be offering water, soda, orange juice and apple juice.  The menu incorporates ingredients from local farms around here and all the vendors at the market!

For entertainment this week we have Nicolo Whimsey ( joining Double Sharp.  Nicolo juggles, plays the accordion and is tons of fun for kids and adults.

The Buy Local Challenge starts this weekend!

Check out the Buy Local Challenge website ( for information about a Scavenger Hunt and a chance to win some great prizes! Don’t forget to tag your photos when posting on Facebook or Instagram with #BuyLocalChallenge.

Environment Maryland will be at the market from 10 to 12.  Their mission is to educate the public on how our bees contribute to the bounties of the Hollywood Farmer’s Market.


Speaking of Victory Chapel Family Farm.  They are our Vendor Spotlight!
Victory Chapel Family Farm’s bees produce Southern Maryland wildflower honey, which our bees make from diverse floral sources, including black locust, tulip poplar, fruit trees, dandelions, clover and many others. Our honey is produced by hives in Prince Georges and Charles Counties; The honey is raw and all natural — lightly filtered to remove large particles of beeswax, pollen and propolis, but not heated or processed. When our honey is removed from the hive, it needs to be strained to remove parts of bee bodies and pieces of wax. A coarse strainer is used without heating. The honey will contain pollen that was present in the honey from the local area. Some people that if local honey is ingested regularly, it can reduce pollen allergy symptoms in humans. By supporting local honey producers, you can verify that the honey you’re purchasing is truly raw and has the beneficial properties that humans have used for centuries to treat many ailments.


Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) coupons will be available starting July 7th.

Here is some info about the program:
and contact information:
Aging & Disabilities Services Division
Phone: 301-265-8450

These coupons – a booklet of coupons – are available to seniors – 60 & 0ver and  seniors that may receive energy assistance, SNAP or Section 8.
It is a simple process and not intrusive: Call the above phone number and ask for the farmers market coupon program – SFMNP – the person will ask some very simple questions – name, address, phone, annual income, do you receive any other programs – SNAP, energy assistance, Section 8.

These coupons – that benefit the farmers in Maryland – are good for fresh fruits & veggies and honey from farmers markets & farm stands. They are good until November – check the expiration on the coupon.

Calvert Farm is authorized to accept these coupons & WIC and will be available at the – Hollywood Farmers Market, College Park.


Our vendors this week include:
Sharrah Orchard
Victory Chapel Family Farm
Blue Berwyn Farm
Waltz Family Farm
Calvert Farm
Schmidt’s Spirits
Alcoba Coffee
Victory Chapel Family Farm
Backyard Boogie Gardens and Baking
Amity Kitchen
And Musical Group: Double Sharp