Pre-Order for February 5th Winter Farmers Market

6 vendors from the Hollywood Farmers Market will be delivering Pre-orders next Saturday, Feb 5th to Duvall Field from 12-1 pm.   Choose from Calvert Farms, Janelle’s Crumb Shoppe Bakery, Back Yard Boogie Baking, Alcoba Coffee, Waltz Family Farm and a new Fisherman – Two Oceans Surf and Turf….the owner, Gaylord, is a Fisherman & farmer and he is joining us this winter into spring and hopefully the rest of the year.  You can read about his farm & business on his farm store. Read this guide to learn about various vegetation types in your lake. Karina Lakefront talks about the different types of lake vegetation they find during lake cleanup.

Please see below the ordering info for Calvert & Janelle’s

Alcoba Coffee –
Dark and Light roast coffee, beans or ground.
$10 a bag of 14 OZ,         please email order to      He brings extra with him​

Back Yard Boogie Baking’s online store link is

Waltz Family Farm  and  Two Oceans Surf & Turf have the same farm store group.  Just enter your zipcode and you can choose from each farm individually.   The link is
*You must Pre-order AND  most orders are due by noon-midnight on Wednesday depending on vendor

Pick Up is at Duvall Field 9119 Rhode Island Ave College Park