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2019 List of Vendors

Calvert Farm

Calvert Farm

Pam Stegall Roberts of Calvert Farm operates  at several farmers markets in our area. Her staff will bring a variety of organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, free-range eggs, baked goods, raw honey, mushrooms, and bedding plants to our market.

Calvert Farm is a small family farm who practices organic farming.

This year (2017) is the farm’s 23rd growing season. Calvert Farm continues a tradition of working with other small farms to bring variety and freshness to your table using sustainable / natural methods.


Designed Naturally

Designed Naturally

Designed Naturally

Ozlem Kaplan will be presenting her beaded macrame jewelry made with natural fibers like hemp and waxed linen.




A Little Pottery

littlepotteryDiana Little will come from Hyattsville with her wonderful handmade pottery. Diana’s products include food safe functional pottery, electric and wood fire pottery.

All of her products are completely microwave and dishwasher safe.

Waltz Family Farm 

Located in Hagerstown, MD, is owned and operated by Laurie & Jacob Waltz. The entire Waltz family “loves farming life” and shares a deep passion for bringing only the finest local meats to market.  They provide a loving, caring and stress-free farm environment which allows their livestock to thrive year round.

Our Cows are always on pasture and also fed high quality grains, and hay we make ourselves. We have our Beef dry aged 3-4 weeks for extra tenderness and flavor.  We have a nice hardy herd of sheep that are all grass fed. Lambs enjoy mother’s milk and grazing along side their mommas.  We raise our pigs in a large clean barn with open sides for sunlight and fresh air. They are raised antibiotic free with no growth stimulants added to grains. When curing hams, bacon and other cuts all is cured nitrate free.  We will offer goat later this summer to fall. They are also raised on pasture and fed some grain as well.  We sell eggs from our super spoiled free range chickens. Laurie has found that raising chickens is entertaining and a joy. The “girls” are free to roam the farm as they please.

Happy livestock & healthy feed makes for fresh delicious meats…. and yes, you really can Taste The Difference!

 Our farm is not certified organic, however, we do follow organic practices, also known as “farming the old fashioned way.”

Inge Babbington Crochet Goods

Inge has been crocheting since she was 6 years old and always has a wide variety of items for sale.

She specializes in baby and child items, but you will find many different and wonderful things on her table. Items such as various animals, hats, dresses, purses, washcloths, diaper covers, roses, cactus, tooth-fairy pillows and many other items. Inge also crochets custom items upon request at no extra charge.

Baker Charley Hi, I’m Charley Montroll, AKA Baker Charley, and I bake a variety of desserts and breads, from Chocolate Cakes to Chocolate Chip Cookies, Macarons to Donuts, and a lot more in between!  Everything I bake does have something in common, though: everything is Gluten-Free.  My goal is to make quality baked goods that everyone can enjoy, and at the same time give more choices to those who maintain a Gluten-Free diet.  This is my second season as a vendor at the Hollywood Farmers Market, and I am also a musician, so you might see or hear me strumming on my guitar and singing every so often, too!

Alcoba Coffee

Valencia Produce

Amity Kitchen

Dearheart Wood and Designs: Unique cutting boards

El Sol: Tacos, Tortas and Pupusas

Inge’s Crochet: Hand made crochet items

University of Maryland Dairy: Fresh Ice Cream and non-dairy Sorbet

Victory Chapel Family Farms: Local Honey

College Park Hypnosis Center, LLC

Making Positive Changes Easier

Hypnosis is a word that creates both curiosity and fear due to its history and frequent misunderstanding thanks largely to Hollywood and fiction writers. Hypnosis is trance. Daydreams are trance. They are the same phenomenon. All of us use trance every day in our lives. Because we are our own best hypnotists, we need to be careful what we say to ourselves and how we say it. This internal dialogue shapes our beliefs which become our reality.  A hypnotist is really nothing but a guide. The client must want to accept the suggestions to change their beliefs to make positive changes. The client is the one in control.  As a former registered nurse for 33 years, I got into hypnosis after I retired as I discovered it was a neat way to help people create positive changes in their lives.  Imagine making a change that is holding you back. How would that feel? Come by my booth and learn how your mind works and if you like, experience how a deep trance really feels. This is part of my free introductory session that I do with all my clients as I want them completely comfortable with the whole process. As an educated consumer, they can decide if it is right for them before they put any money down. I do not know what is more fair than that.
I welcome everyone, even skeptics, whether you want to make a change or just curious. (You know you want to….)

Terrapin Care Center 

Terrapin Care Center is a family owned clinic first established in 2001 to offer comprehensive physical medicine and pain management services throughout College Park MD and beyond.  As a multi-disciplinary medical pain management clinic, we focus on postural correction, alignment, overall health and well-being to help patients of all ages achieve optimal health and wellness while minimizing unnecessary drugs and invasive surgeries. We vow to empower patients to live happy and healthy lives, educating them on every facet of wellness while guiding them in achieving their pain management goals

Terrapin Care Center is proud to be a one-stop-shop for pain management and wellness by offering the following:

  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Chiropractic Biophysics- Postural correction
  • Manual muscle therapies
  • Advanced medical interventional pain management techniques
  • Spinal interventional procedures
  • Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, Graston Technique, Kinesiotaping, Dry Needling and Trigger Point Therapy
  • Durable medical equipment (back braces, knee braces and foot orthotics)

Contact Terrapin Care Center

We are conveniently located at 9658 Baltimore Ave, Suite 420 in College Park, MD and can be reached at (301) 220-1930. We are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Visit our website for more information

The Baked Apple 

The Baked Apple – “Apple Cake that Sweetens the Soul”​Our cakes are all natural and made from a secret recipe discovered many years ago by restaurateur Rosalyn Doaks. A magical combination of black walnuts and the finest apples (from local farmers), make for a moist delicacy that keep our customers coming back for more.

The Wood Dr. 

Henry (Joe) Raphel, aka The Wood Doctor, is a disabled American combat veteran. He started working with wood under the guidance of his father on the family farm. He earned money as a carpenter while attending the University of Maryland. After a 30 year career as small business management and financial professional and consultant he retired and took up woodworking as a hobby. Family and friends asked him to make small household items and gifts for them and eventually convinced him to turn his hobby into a small business. The majority of his woodworking efforts are spent creating original and custom pieces for his customers. He also repairs vintage and antique furniture.

When not in his workshop the Wood Doctor, enjoys cooking and is an award winning Pit Master.

Under the pen name “Henry J” the Wood Doctor writes short stories for children. His first published hardcopy book of short stories will be released this fall.


11 Responses to Vendors

  1. Lorraine Walsh says:

    Looking forward to it. Looks like a good & yummy group of vendors.

  2. Eric Olsen says:

    I’ll miss this weekend’s inaugural market, but I’ll be sure to be there next Saturday. Great to see this in the neighborhood!

  3. habibah says:

    In sha Allah, Can’t wait!

  4. Donna Weene says:

    Went to the 1st day of The Farmers Market. WOW!
    It’s about time North College Park had something to brag about right in our own back yard. I hope to shop here for years to come. It was nice to be able to talk and ask questions about the food I plan to feed my family.
    Met lots of friends and made some new one.
    Thank you to all those who made this happen!!!!!!!

  5. Mary Cook says:

    Impressive! Citizen formed and citizen run. Nothing paid for by the taxpayers!
    Thank you NCP Farmers Market Committee!
    I’m heading over there soon for some more fabulous fruit and, perhaps, a cupcake … Or will it be a whoopie pie!

  6. Kennis T. says:

    I love the diversity of the offerings. The veggie fritters and spring rolls are wonderful. The tea’s are really good and i would like to extend a special thank you to Cpl. Black and Cpl. Core for the outstanding service that they provided to the community at large. We are indeed fortunate to have some dedicated COPS officers in our community. Last but not least, thank you to Branchville Vol. Fire Dept. for coming with one of their trucks. Kids of all ages really got engaged with it and the kids received fireman hats. What a wonderful community we have with so many people coming together! Special thanks goes to State Sen Jim Rosapepe for cutting the ribbon for our Grand Opening celebration. Comm. for a Better Environment distributed complimentary produce bags to encourage and reduce the waste of plastic bags. It was a wonderful experience and glad to be a part of it.

  7. Te-Mika W. says:

    I’ll also miss next weekend’s inaugural market, but I’ll be sure to be there next Saturday. This is one of the reasons I love my neighborhood!

  8. Michelle Puhl Price says:

    I am trying to reach Janis about doing the market on 6/28
    My email has changed to
    Phone is

  9. Kennis Termini says:

    What a wonderful gathering place for young and older, new comers and ole’ timers to the neighborhood. Friendly, attentive and caring are just some of what makes and separates this farmers market from the rest! They have a picnic table in the shade of the tree’s for resting from shopping or sitting to eat one of the delicious ready to eat meal offerings. Ample parking. Sign up at the front table to receive the weekly newsletter and become a part of the magic of the Hollywood Farmers Market.

  10. Janae says:

    What’s the name of the massage?
    I remember wanting to visit her.

  11. Kennis Termini says:

    New vendors for 2016. Come out and check it ou1.

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