Vol. 8 Issue 24

We will have sunny Summer-like weather at Hollywood Farmers Market. Life is sweet! Honey Glow beekeepers are here this week with their local honey and crafts. Fresh local fall crops are in abundance. Squash, greens, radishes, apples and more are to be had from our farmers. Have a great brunch or lunch with Thai Amity. Shop early for holiday gifts. Visit our craft vendors for exciting artisan crafts.

Our vendors this week include:
Honey Glow Beekeepers
Calvert Farm
Blue Berwyn Farm
Shmidt Spirits
Amity Kitchen
“Natural Juices” A Jamaican Experience
Waltz Family Farm
Glow Suite
Musical Group: Double Sharp

Sharrah Orchard and Alcoba Coffee are off this week.

Hello !

Turkey info!  You need to pre-order your turkey by stopping by the Hollywood Farmers Market and giving Waltz Family Farm a $20 deposit for whole birds.  Markets on Saturdays from 9am-1pm at the MOM’S parking lot at 9801 Rhode Island Ave College Park MD.  Turkeys are raised at Whispering Breeze Farm, always on pasture and fed healthy grains.  The supply is a bit limited this year, so please get your orders to me in the next 3 weeks.  We are getting them from the same farm as in the past. They do a great job and are a wonderful family!  Ordering info is a little different so please read carefully.

Whole Turkeys – order a Small Bird 13-17 lb ,  Medium Bird 17-21 lb , or a Large Bird 21-28 lb.  You can specify the size, but know if you order a small bird it could be 16-17 lb and not 13 lb.  If you need smaller, we encourage you to order Breasts.  It is tricky to guess the weights to the exact lb when they are roaming pastures.  Personally, after all the work to cook a bird I love leftovers and put extra in the freezer.   COST is $5.65 lb
Breasts – average weight is 4-5 lb and they are boneless.  There are some larger ones available up to 7 lb in size.  COST is $11.25 lb
Legs and Wings –  Weigh about 1 lb each.   Limited on Wings.    COST is $7.25 lb
Breast & Leg Combo –  Buy a breast for $11.25 lb and get 2 Legs for $12 a small savings from the turkey farmer to you.

***Considering the large increase in feed cost, I feel these are good prices. I expected it to be a little more.
PICK UP – at the Hollywood Farmers Market on Nov 19th, our last market, the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Whole Turkeys will be fresh, on ice and will keep fresh for a week. I encourage you to keep them in the coldest part of your fridge on ice, a cooler on ice.  The Breasts, Legs & Wings will already be frozen.