Vol. 9 Issue 3

Saturday will be a marvelous start to Memorial Day weekend!

Be sure to see Two Oceans Seafood this week for restaurant-quality wild caught frozen seafood. Their offerings include wild caught salmon, halibut, cod and mahi-mahi. Strawberries are in this week along with a great selection of spring produce at Sharrah Orchard! The leafy greens, radishes and turnips abound at Blue Berwyn Farms! They are Perfect for Springtime salad making. Blue Berwyn also has an  amazing selection of starter plants. Be sure to visit our new baker Oat.Chocolate for fresh home baked sweet breads, granola, and cookies. Need something to cook on the grill this weekend? Look no further than Waltz Family Farms for fresh locally raised meats. Waltz Farms is stocked up. Finally, please visit our arts and crafts vendors and the great selection hand crafted art!

Special Musical Guest this week!
John has an extended business trip so Eric will be joined by renowned local bluesman Mike Lessin for the
next two weeks. Mike is the lead guitar player for Zydeco Jed and Late As Usual – two well-known bands
on the local circuit. Be sure to say hi and welcome Mike back to the Market!

See you tomorrow!

Our vendors this week include:
Two Oceans Seafood
Sharrah Orchard
Blue Berwyn Farm
Waltz Family Farm
Oat.chocolate Baked Goods
Thai Amity Kitchen
Schmidt Spirits
Alcoba Coffee
A Little Pottery
Glo Suite, MMM
Hilary Beall Art
Honey Glow
Musical Group: Double Sharp